About Us


What do you REALLY want to see?

A mirror gives us an uncompromising, unaltered look at what is true. It reflects what is real. A mirror also allows us to imagine, to dream, to create.┬áThe vision we want you to see is that you can make a difference. Our companies, our businesses, our organizations – are capable of building a better world through real engagement and partnership.

Mirror Group is here to create more.

Who We Are

Mirror Group is a public relations and special events firm with a very deliberate focus on charitable engagement and partnership.

Our goal is to connect our vibrant corporate and business sectors here in British Columbia with deserving, hard-working non-profit organizations and causes. We do so by creating an understanding and participation in charitable interaction and partnership. Giving is more than simply writing a cheque or emptying our closets. Our communities are strengthened by the opportunity to build them together by being actively engaged and connected.

Each of us has the opportunity to #BeTheMirror of what we really want to see in our communities and neighbourhoods. Mirror Group was created to facilitate and grow those opportunities through understanding, education, and connection.

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